FoodMatrix® nutrients are vitamins and minerals embedded in a food matrix, without the water and the fiber. In the edible portions of our natural foods, vitamins and minerals are always found in protein complexes. They are never found as isolated pure molecules and they are never found to be embedded to other chemicals. Vitamins and minerals which are present in food are contained within a complexed matrix of proteins + lipids + enzymes + bioflavonoids + trace elements.

Professor J Vinson from Scranton University in Pennsylvania has been involved for many years in conducting trials comparing isolated chemicals and FoodMatrix® nutrients. His summary expresses the important elements of this unique and remarkable technology:

“FoodMatrix® nutrients are the most important advancements in nutrition today. They are not just another brand of USP vitamins and inorganic mineral salts. Instead, FoodMatrix® nutrients are a unique generation of vitamins and minerals that are molecularly embedded to the basic building blocks of life: protein.”

The unique and outstanding feature of FoodMatrix® nutrients is the complete imbedding of the micronutrients into a food matrix. This does not mean physically mixing the vitamins and minerals with proteins and other substances. Rather it involves a sophisticated “growing” process.utrients?