Producing vitamins and minerals in a food form is achieved through a range of exclusive, proprietary processes. FoodMatrix® Vitamin C for example, is derived through an elaborate process, where ascorbic acid is biochemically incorporated and concentrated into a citrus extract.

A breakthrough technology using yeast and yogurt has been developed to produce food form minerals. In this process, a mineral is attached to a specific peptide which in turn is introduced into a growth tank containing a yeast solution. Upon inoculation of the protein chauffeured mineral into the budding yeast, the mineral is absorbed and metabolized by the yeast cells. Intracellular, and through bio transformation the once isolated nutrient is incorporated with other food elements to produce a wholesome vitalized, concentrated food.

The proprietary process can take anywhere from 12 - 24 hours depending on the mineral being metabolized. Enzymes are then introduced to break down the yeast cell walls. The yeast cell structure breaks down entirely and no active yeast remains. What remains is an easily digestible, nutrient rich compound.

People who have yeast allergies are typically sensitive to the proteins in the yeast wall membranes. These allergenic components are entirely broken down in this process.The final step is drying the finished product. This is accomplished with an instant drying process (flash drying) to protect the nutrients. This is the same process used to dry enzymes and retain their activity. The resultant powder is subjected to rigorous physical, chemical, and microbiological quality control tests before being passed for sale.

It is the complete matrix of food co-factors that the body naturally recognizes as food that makes FoodMatrix® nutrients so much more effectively absorbed and utilized than normal USP supplements.