In 1999, Dr Gunter Blobel, a molecular biologist from Rockefeller University, received the Nobel prize in physiology for his work on protein transportation. His work describes the movement of proteins within and between cells. Blobel’s work indicates that proteins have “intrinsic signals” which act as “address tags” or “zip codes”, directing proteins to particular sites. Peptide chains with particular amino acid sequences constitute these protein-specific signals. The signal will determine whether a protein will pass through a membrane to a particular site within the cell (known as an organelle) or be exported out of the cell. This understanding of protein transportation in turn illuminates our understanding of the delivery system of nutrients within the body and dramatically underlines the FoodMatrix® principle.

Dr. Massoud Arvanaghi, the scientist responsible for the manufacturing of FoodMatrix® nutrients, has examined the technical comparison of food and FoodMatrix® nutrients with regular isolated nutrients.

This is what he has to say about FoodMatrix®:

“It is well accepted that humans are intended to receive the nutrients they need from food sources. Attempts to improve on this basic principle by concentrating the elements in food into single actives (such as ascorbic acid) or into fractions that are considered to be the most valuable, have not yielded the beneficial effects that were expected. Isolated substances cannot compare in value to food or FoodMatrix® nutrients and this has been well demonstrated through scientific research.”

“The significance of the FoodMatrix® efficiency in absorption, delivery and utilization is found in the way in which the nutrients are embedded to a peptide (protein) carrier or chauffeur. Nutrients are not found on their own in the body and they do not simply wander about looking for an appropriate destination site. Nutrients are targeted by a transportation system whereby protein chauffeurs deliver nutrients to the exact location for utilization within the cell.”

This means that isolated chemical nutrients may be absorbed, but when they enter the body there is no mechanism to target their delivery. The body does not recognize them. So, they are either deposited in the wrong places, which causes problems, or they are flushed right back out of the body.

FoodMatrix® nutrients on the other hand are delivered by the protein chauffeurs to the cells that need the nutrients and, more specifically, to the right sites within the cells.

Nutrients occur naturally as complex food compounds and it is in this form that they best support the body’s processes. Isolated chemical nutrients are foreign to the body. Their effectiveness is vastly inferior to their natural counterparts and there is some evidence that they may even confuse or override the natural processes.